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    2. Most-Cost-Effective or Nothing
      Retired Cadres In Linqing Visited UXG's busy Orderly Bearing Production Line(pic)

      On April 28, retired cadres and party members in Linqing city, Shandong province visited UXG (Shandong Yujie Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd). Party secretary of Yandian county Yang Qingshan, director of NPC (National People's Congress) in Yandian county Tian Yinghui accompanied the investigation.

      In the company, the retired cadres signed with emotion after watching the high-standard modern factory building and busy orderly production line: due to the construction of high precision bearing production project, Yandian county is now at the industrial transformation and upgrading.


      About UXG

      UXG (Shandong Yujie Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd) is the largest manufacturer of small and medium spherical rollers in China, operating two plants in Shanghai and Shandong. As a member unit of China Bearing Industry Association, Yujie Bearing has participated in the national standard setting of two bearing models. At present the company owns 14 national patents and a Technology Center which has been recognized as the provincial level enterprise technology center. UXG bearing products have entered the American market.

      Contact the company via:

      Person in Charge: Selina

      Tl: 86-635-8760555

      Fx: 86-635-8760333




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