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    2. Most-Cost-Effective or Nothing

      Shandong UXG Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd focuses on designing and producing high speed, low noise spherical rollerbearings. The sales volume remains No.1 in china market since the year of 2014. 

      The company starts from forging, controlled atmosphere spheroidizing annealing, turning process, controlled atmosphere salt-bath quenching, grinding process, as well as high precision roller production; It has its own material analyze and test laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, precision measurement laboratory. It strictly follows management system of TUV ISO9001:2015 and TUV ISO14001:2015.

      The company adopted online inspection and SPC control system to monitor and track all the production process. It was one of national standard drafting units for china bearing industry and Shandong provincial technical center, and Shandong single product champion enterprise. 

      The company got China Mechanical Industry Science Progress Award in the year of 2018.Its products are appraised as “excellent products” in the regular national bearing industry inspection activity and also got high praise from customers in the application of blower machine, shaker screen, steel factory and mining industry. It is one of the listed companies recommended by China Metallurgy Association.

      How UXG Bearing is Manufactured


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