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    2. Most-Cost-Effective or Nothing
      Frac Pump

      Frac Pump

          UXG  offers high quality cylindrical roller bearings for main crankshafts and world-class spherical roller bearings for pinion shafts. The internal dimensions of these bearings are optimized and expertly engineered to withstand the harsh conditions encountered during well stimulation. 

      Advantages of UXG frac pump bearings: 

      1. Help achieve maximum uptime with high capacity ratings capable of handling large crankshaft and pinion loads.

      2. Are designed using advanced bearing simulation and analysis tools to optimize the bearing for given application loads. 

      3. All inner rings and outer rings are interchangeable, thus to guarantee bearings installed smoothly.

      4. Can be customized for a variety of application loads and life requirements — UXG has developed custom bearing solutions with a target life of 10 000 hours compared to 3000 hours.

      Frac PumpFrac Pump


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